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Crown Princess Mary participates in short-film about children’s mental health

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is the voice of a short film that focuses on Danish children’s mental health. The film was released by Julemærkehjemet (Christmas Market Fund). Throughout the film, you can hear the Crown Princess speak in Danish.

In the movie that you can see below, the Crown Princess says the following:

“Many of us know the feeling. Some of us face it every day. The feeling that you are not good enough, that you can not do anything. Imagine that every night you are going to bed, you have a feeling of being depressed and worried. Because tomorrow’s pleasures are reserved to others and not to you. Because you try to forget what happened yesterday, you are trying to hide yourself today and you fear what will happen tomorrow. Let us all stand together and help those who stand alone. For a day that hurts the stomach can hurt a child’s life. Let us take care of our next generation so that no one is left to himself. Many children need help so they can reappear in the light. And even if it does not feel that way, what you can do today has an impact on what’s going to happen tomorrow. Because we have created a home where children can become children again.”

The Crown Princess participated earlier this month in the unveiling of the Danish Christmas stamps. The proceeds from the stamp go to the Julemærkehjemet (Christmas Market Fund) – unique homes for vulnerable children from ages 7-14 to stay in while dealing with issues like bullying, loneliness and being overweight in Denmark. Children stay at one of the four homes for ten weeks, and it is free for the children and their parents. Around 750 children are helped per year that lead to healthier and happier lives. Crown Princess Mary is their patron.

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