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Crown Princess Mary films video in promotion of vaccines

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark filmed a new video, in English, for the World Heath Organisation’s Regional Office for Europe for European Immunization Week 2017 which runs from 24 April through 30 April. The Regional Office for Europe explained on their website that this is “an annual initiative that raises awareness of the importance of immunisation for people’s health and well-being. This year, under the slogan #VaccinesWork, stakeholders in all countries will focus on the importance and benefits of immunisation at every stage of life.”

She emphasised how important vaccines are to prevent diseases, and due to the various vaccines available, numerous diseases have become almost non-existent in Europe. Crown Princess Mary added that many will see the eradication of polio in their lifetime.

She added that there is much reason to celebrate during this week. “We have much to celebrate,” she said, “Relatively few people living in the region today will ever experience firsthand the effects of polio, measles, mumps, congenital rubella syndrome, diphtheria, ptosis or tetanus.”

Her Royal Highness admitted that we take achievements like these for granted, but this also makes the celebration of Immunization Week each year so valuable.

The Crown Princess also said, “Tremendous progress in recent decades in advancing the European region’s health, education and living standards. Vaccines have played a fundamental role in this progress, and vaccines also have a fundamental role to play in achieving the global 2030 agenda for sustainable development.

“Each year, the European region celebrates vaccines’ contribution to development through the European Immunization Week initiative.”

The main focal point this year is on people having vaccines during every stage of life, calling it a “lifelong responsibility.” Mary cited how vaccines can prevent babies from deadly diseases, young women from cervical cancer and older people from dying due to complications from pneumonia.

The Crown Princess also took aim at those who advocate against vaccination saying, “The effect of persistent rumours can cause some people to delay or decide against vaccination, but no rumour can be as compelling as the simple truth that vaccines save lives.”

Her Royal Highness has been the patron of the organisation since 2005.

  • UF

    She’s quite lovely, well-spoken and has all the poise of any European royal. I suspect we may hear more from her from across the pond. And her outfit is very lovely as well.


  • Margaret Richardson

    Well all I can say is that I’m glad that Crown Princess Mary hasn’t had the experience that I, and so many others that I now try to support, have had after giving their child their first immunization. Our experience is not scare mongering or rumour it is FACT and a terrible personal experience. I took my first child for her first immunization, she was healthy and from a non-smoking/alcohol free home. Within half an hour that previously perfectly healthy child was being rushed to hospital where she was put into ICU on life support for the next week. I sat at her bedside the entire time. We tried to firstly halve the dose of following immunizations and give them at the hospital but the same thing happened, we tried quartering the dose, but the reaction was so swift this time that they didn’t even finish administering the entire dose before she collapsed into a fitting, unconscious heap and again was rushed to ICU and put on life support. It was then decided that she was allergic to the base/carrier of the immunization not the vaccine itself and I was provided with documentation detailing that she should not be immunized nor given other injections with the same base/carrier present.
    I had two other children, both had the same experience on their first injection, and fortunately they didn’t have to endure what their older sister did, they were given the documentation immediately.
    I am not an anti-vaxxer, in fact had I been then my children’s lives would not have been endangered. I now support other parents who are going through similar experiences to what I had so many years ago, the situation remains…yet NOTHING is being done to make the base or carrier of these immunizations safer.
    If a child presents at a school or childcare centre with, say, a peanut allergy, the entire class is prevented from bringing anything with peanuts etc in for lunch. The parents of the child are supported fully, yet if a parent who’s child cannot be immunized because of life threatening allergy, they are demonized as anti-vaxxers and their child/ren are denied entrance. Why the double standard? YES I am well aware that there are doctors who “poo poo” our claims, but we have the life scars to prove our experiences, and often we also have vaccine injured children to care for, with little or no support from authorities.
    So, Princess Mary, please take into consideration that there are people out in the community who would like nothing better than to vaccinate their children, in fact we’ve tried, but as things stand at the moment, to continue trying will result in serious damage even death to our children, far far above any risk of them catching one of these preventable diseases.

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