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Crown Princess Mary attends lecture for Brain Awareness Week

Crown Princess Mary attended a lecture at the University of Copenhagen yesterday to launch Brain Awareness Week 2017 – a global initiative that works to raise awareness of brain research through a series of lectures and projects.

The lecture, titled “The Amazing Brain”, was presented by Professor Leif Østergaard at the University of Copenhagen to a broad audience. Before the talk began, Professor Østergaard’s 11-year-old daughter Bertha presented Crown Princess Mary with a copy of her father’s book, entitled Brain.

Brain Awareness Week is a global initiative that takes place in mid-March every year (the eleventh week of the year, more specifically).

“Its [aim] is to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research,” reads The Brain Foundation’s official website.

“It is an opportunity to let people know about the progress that is being done in brain research as well as progress in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the brain, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke, schizophrenia and depression.”

Crown Princess Mary is the patron of two organisations that benefit from the outreach provided by Brain Awareness Week: The Stroke Association and the Danish Brain Injury Association.

Her Royal Highness has been the patron of The Stroke Association since 2007, and on its official website, the association pays tribute to her for highlighting its work.

Crown Princess Mary has been patron of the Danish Brain Injury Association since 2005 and has spoken about its work in the past, saying, per the association’s official website, “Although life changes after a brain injury, and large – almost insurmountable – problems arising for both the injured and the family, it is vital to continue to spot the positive sides of life and pleasures. This is where the hope of the future has its source and strength to the difficult process of reconstruction of lost skills.”

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