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Crown Prince of Denmark banned from entering Australian pub due to not carrying I.D.

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark had identification issues last week after he was banned from entering a pub in Australia due to not carrying valid identification.

The future King of Denmark was denied entry into the Brisbane bar and required diplomatic protection officers to communicate that identification was not necessary in this case.

The 49-year-old and his entourage finally managed to get into the bar with the help of the diplomatic officers.

Australia, particularly in the state of Queensland, have very strict rules about entering pubs and any other premises which sell alcohol.

In order to enter, drinkers must have their passports or driving licences ready for inspection to prove their identities when entering alcoholic premises after 10pm.

The owner of the bar, Phil Hogan, told the Brisbane Courier Mail that: “It’s a stupid law. We always thought it was going to be a nightmare.

“It’s happening all the time and the whole thing has been a nightmare from a tourist point of view. It’s just nonsense. It’s a real overreaction.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg with the Prince. It’s happening all the time with normal people.”

The Courier Mail described the latest incident as a “cringe-inducing blunder resulting from the draconian lockout laws, which are regularly catching out backpackers, foreign tourists and business travellers”.

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