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Crown Prince Frederik to open Denmark’s Exhibition at Beijing Design Week

It has been announced in Copenhagen that Crown Prince Frederik will visit Beijing Design Week in September this year. Some may remember the Crown Prince visiting the Beijing for the exhibition last year. 2018 marks ten years since Denmark and China entered into a partnership agreement covering research, innovation and education; it was the largest agreement that Denmark had entered into outside its borders.

Last year, Denmark also led the way within the European Community, being the first country from Europe to have a joint year of tourism with China, and over the decade not only Crown Prince Frederik but also Queen Margrethe have visited China – in 2014 she helped break the ground for the Danish Industry Foundation House in Beijing.

The Design Week is held in Beijing’s 798 Arts District, and it is understood that this years’ Danish stand will include features on food, health and building design that has green credentials. The Crown Prince has been keen on environmentally friendly technology and has represented Denmark at events speaking about sustainable energy with Denmark as well as writing a book about the effects of climate change on Greenland, which is, of course, a Danish territory.

It is understood that one of the features of the Danish exhibition will be from Copenhagen; they will be showcasing a website which is designed to welcome people to the city, covering all aspects of life and maybe they hope to guide Beijing which is also looking to regenerate the centre of the city. Crown Prince Frederik’s visit will not only be concentrated on the Design Week exhibition. In association with the Danish Embassy, the Crown Prince will also have a number of both business and more relaxing cultural events to boost and strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

Some of these events will be held at the Danish Cultural Centre in the 798 Arts District which has had a number of events all the time which reflect both countries from comparisons of literature to displays of Lego buildings.