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Crown Prince Frederik presents Industriens Fond Entrepreneurship Prize

Crown Prince Frederik presented the Industriens Fond Entrepreneurship Prize on Wednesday to Rosenby Engineering.

The prize, 500,000 Danish kroner, was awarded to Rosenby Engineering for their HydroPen, an automatic water drill that can fight fires on shipping containers.

Per Rosenby Engineering’s official website, the company “develops high-quality solutions for complex problems in the marine industry.

“The company has obtained valuable knowledge and insight from the founders’ maritime careers on a variety of positions and ship types. This has driven Rosenby Engineering to develop and engineer products that are safe and easy to use for all crews in emergency situations.”

Twenty companies competed for the Industriens Fond Entrepreneurship Prize over a four-month period. The Prize is organised by Scion DTU research park, called the Danish Tech Challenge, in association with the Industriens Fond.

“During Danish Tech Challenge, we will cover all the fundamentals of the participants’ businesses,” says the Scion DTU official website. “Our mission is to ensure that the fundamental assumptions are sound.”

“We will work with technology, business and financing. The result is a business plan where the fundamental building blocks are properly laid.”

Per the Royal House’s website, the companies competing in the Danish Tech Challenge are “working to find investors, secure patents as well as sales and marketing of new products and solutions.”

The Danish Tech Challenge is only for startup companies that focus on hardware. Per Scion DTU’s website, the Challenge is for “newly established businesses involved in the development of new physical products.”

Scion DTU’s website says that the criteria puts the focus on any product that isn’t “purely digital or service.” There is an “emphasis on hardware incorporating electronics, software, sensors, etc.”

Crown Prince Frederik has handed out the Industriesn Fond Entrepreneurship Prize annually since 2014.

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