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Crown Prince Frederik opens Graduate Business Conference

The Graduate Business Forum, which was first established in 1983, was founded as a basis for global participants in the field of business to have a place to share ideas and network with others having similar goals. The organisation is made up of thousands of leaders from various schools of business since its founding and boasts thirty participating countries in its existence.

As a non-profit corporation, the Graduate Business Forum seeks to better the industry of business by bringing together like-minded individuals for the purpose of progress both globally and as a unit, returning these leaders to their own realms to impact student bodies.

Annually, the GBF hosts the Graduate Business Conference. This conference allows teachers and leaders to connect with others just like them around the world in order to communicate the needs and accomplishments of the business world today.

This year’s Graduate Business Conference is currently being held in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 20-25 March 2018. The conference is being hosted and held at the Copenhagen Business School.

Two delegates from each member school are permitted to attend the conference which seeks to fuel and further the essence of change and forward thinking in every aspect of business and the teaching thereof.

Delegates from areas of the globe such as the United States, Europe, and Asia were present for Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark’s opening speech on 21 March which officially opened the conference.

The theme of the conference is reported to be “The Nordic Way” with various topics throughout each day of the conference focused on Nordic business practices.

The Crown Prince has been a protector of the conference for some time. And although the conference has been in existence since 1983, the first conference held outside of the United States took place in 2006 in Copenhagen. Since Copenhagen’s first hosting, the conference has been held in various locations such as India, China, Switzerland, and Hong Kong’s noticeable business school establishments.

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