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Princess Athena’s first day of school

Today was a big day for Princess Athena of Denmark. It was the first day of school for the youngest child of Prince Joachim and his second wife, Princess Marie.

Last week, the Royal Danish House announced that Princess Athena would start school today in Grade 0 at St Joseph’s Sisters School in Odrup, near the family home.

Her older brother, Prince Henrik, is also going to the same school. He started school in 2015.

School usually starts at six in Denmark, but Princess Athena, born on January 24, 2012, is only five and a half. Being born in January, she would either start school a little early or a little too late if she had begun next year since she would have been six and a half (like her cousins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine). Clearly, her parents thought it best for her to start school this year.

Since the royal children go to public schools now, the Danish Royal Family has a deal with the Danish press in order not to bother the other families and children going to the school. A little photo shoot is held in front of the home or palace of the family, and in return, the photographers do not go to the school.

The photo shoot took place this morning in front of Prince Joachim and Princess Marie’s home in Klampenborg. Princess Athena was a little shy and nervous as there was a lot of cameras and yelling on what is surely an already stressful and emotional day for her. Her parents had a hard time convincing her to get out of the house to speak to the press, but she was smiling before leaving for school. Prince Joachim said that while Athena could not read yet, she knew how to write her name.

The Danish Monarchy shared a photo of Princess Athena and Prince Joachim in front of the school, taken by Princess Marie.

Photo: HRH Princess Marie. © Kongehuset

This is a big year for Athena, as she received her gold family bracelet since she turned five in January. Since Princess Margaret of Connaught and her daughter Queen Ingrid of Denmark, every female member born in the Danish Royal Family receives a gold bracelet when she turns five – a child version first before trading it for a bigger version when she is older. Queen Margrethe of Denmark, Queen Anne-Marie of Greece and Princess Benedikte continued the tradition – their daughters and granddaughters receiving the bracelet.

Her cousins, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, who turned six in January, will start school in Grade 0 at the Tranegard School next Tuesday.

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