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PETA lashes out against Danish Royal Family

As Royal Central reported earlier this week, Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik, his wife, Crown Princess Mary and their children posed in Greenlandish costumes for a commemorative stamp to celebrate the couple’s Copper Anniversary, marking their 12 and a half years of marriage. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), has lashed out against the royal couple for wearing boots lined with seal fur for the stamp photo.

Posing wearing seal fur, makes the Danish appear “calous and out of touch.” Despite the fact that traditionally, clothing in Greenland is made of seal fur.

Despite the traditional link to Greenland by wearing seal fur, PETA has lashed out at the royals choice of foot-wear by stating: “It’s hard to think of a less appropriate way to commemorate in the skins of animals whose families were slaughtered to make them,” said Sascha Camilli, PETA’s European spokeswoman.

“Times have changed, and unless Danes wish to be viewed as callous and out of touch, they should start creating new traditions that celebrate compassion and replace those tired, cruelly produced furs with new eco-friendly and humane fabrics.”

The Danish Royal Family hasn’t commented yet on PETA’s statement. However, this isn’t the first time they’ve raised the ire of the animal rights organisation. Just last month, Crown Princess Mary angered her home country of Australia’s PETA branch by wearing a designer coat lined with seal fur on a trip to Greenland.

A spokesperson told the Daily Mail last month: “Despite being made aware of all the cruelties of the fur industry, it still hasn’t clicked for Princess Mary that wearing animals makes her look cold-hearted and totally out of touch.

“The majority of Australian people shun fur, and it’s time that the princess gave animals a fair go by going fur-free.”

Three years ago, The World Trade Organisation, (WTO), upheld a ban on Canadian and Norwegian seal fur imports to the EU. The organisation ruled that this ban addressed the “public moral concerns” regarding the production and selling of the fur, which according to PETA, involved the clubing to death of three-month-old seals.

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