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Crown Princess Mary launches new campaign against bullying

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark launched a new programme through The Mary Foundation to combat bullying called Antibulli at the Vestergade Hall in Silkeborg, Denmark. This new campaign launched in coordination with MH24 – an anti-bullying organisation by Danish handball player Mikkel Hansen – and aims to help children between the ages of six and 12-years-old.

“Name exercises is, therefore, a good start to learning when there are new people on the team,” said the Mary Foundation. Photo: Steen Brogaard/ Mary Foundation

Antibulli had a trial run last year and officially opened on 7 January.

Mikkel Hansen was at the launch and took part in some of the exercises alongside the Crown Princess. This programme will use sports as a way to fight against bullying. Mary and Mikkel took part in the handball exercise during the day with a group of children.

Crown Princess Mary plays handball with a group of children during one of the exercises. Photo: Steen Brogaard/Mary Foundation

On their website, the Danish Monarchy said, “Anti Bulli is intended for handball players aged 6-12 years, and consists of concrete advice and exercises for handball training, among other things, to create greater tolerance and respect among children.”

Parents and coaches will play an important role in the programme to working with the children with training exercises and education in the sport. This year, this new programme will begin in five different handball clubs in Denmark.

Photo: Steen Brogaard/Mary Foundation

Regarding Antibulli, The Mary Foundation said, “The basic idea is that a strong unity and good children’s communities help to prevent exclusion and bullying – and the goal is to create a culture of high tolerance, where everyone respects each other, speaks properly and helps each other, so the club is a nice place to be, no matter how good you are at handball.”

“Antibulli consists of exercises that focus on unity and the good children do together,” said the Foundation. Photo: Steen Brogaard/Mary Foundation

Anti-bullying efforts are a focus point of The Mary Foundation. The bullying and well-being focus aims to prevent bullying through improving the well-being of children. This focus, which was the first of the organisation, wants communities to give the best chances to ensure that bullying comes to an end. Three other projects have been created for the same or similar purposes: Free of Bullying, BookFun and Klubfidusen.

The Crown Princess and Mikkel Hansen participate in an exercise with some of the children at Vestergade Hall. Photo: Steen Brogaard/Mary Foundation

Yesterday, Her Royal Highness accepted the Berlingske Honorary Award. This award is presented by the Berlingske Foundation to a person “who has done something unusual for Danish society,” according to Danish news Billed-Bladet. They also said that the Berlingske Foundation was especially impressed with the Mary Foundation and the work for the less fortunate and vulnerable in Denmark by the Crown Princess.

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