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Crown Prince Frederik visits troops in Iraq

The Danish Royal Court have confirmed that Crown Prince Frederik visited Danish troops serving in Iraq this week. On Wednesday this week he met troops at the Al Asad Air Base, after having breakfast with them in Camp Havoc he was briefed about their current missions.

The Danish army having being providing logistical support and training in Iraq since August 2014. Their current mission is involved with training Iraqi troops in the continuing fight against ISIS or the Islamic State. From there, he went out to the training area and met more Danish troops together with ones from Latvia who were training the Iraqi’s.

Whilst he was at the base, he also spoke with a detachment of Australian troops, and also visited the Danish-American Field Hospital there. Whilst in the hospital, he spoke with the troops about their work and weaponry. Although injured soldiers are quite high in our minds as we look forward to the Invictus Games coming up in Florida next month, this is not a new area for Crown Prince Frederick.

Indeed, it is not his first time visiting Danish troops in the field. In December 2008, he visited troops serving in Afghanistan and the following year became the Royal Patron of the Soldaterlegatet. This is a fund which provides grant for Danish soldiers who return home from the front injured, or for the families of those who are killed in action and do not return. Since the 1990’s some forty Danish soldiers have lost their lives in action.

Since he became Royal patron he has taken the time on a number of occasions both at home and abroad to visit injured service personnel. Sometimes at home he has been accompanied by his Australian-born

wife, Crown Princess Mary visiting such places as Copenhagen University Hospital in 2010 where there is a rehabilitation project for injured soldiers.

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