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Crown Prince Frederik Talks About His Neck Injury

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark has spoken about the neck injury he suffered last month. It was on October 14 that it became known that the Crown Prince had suffered a severe fracture of the neck after a trampoline accident the day before. The Crown Prince received a fracture of the cervical spine.

Now, Crown Prince Frederik has opened up and talked with Danish media about the injury. His Royal Highness told Billed Bladet, “It’s great to be back at work.”

The Crown Prince says it has been a challenge not to be able to move as much as he usually does, and now he must constantly think about how he moves his head. However, he has made great improvements. The Crown Prince says that 14 days after the accident, he could hardly leave the bed. This time he used with his four children, who he describes as very nice.

Crown Prince Frederik is usually an active man. Here he just finished

Crown Prince Frederik is usually an active man. Here he just finished “Vasaloppet”. Photo: mynewsdesk vis Wikimedia Commons.

When the Crown Prince was interviewed by Billed Bladet, he was still wearing a neck brace to support his neck. According to a statement from the Royal Danish Court must he wear this neck brace for about 12 weeks. The Crown Prince has been forced to cancel a number of engagements due to this neck injury.

The day after the accident, Frederik was due to attend a ceremony for the Danish Olympic team alongside his family, but he had to cancel. In a statement from the Royal Danish House, the Crown Prince said that he was very sad to be missing the event.

During the reception of the Danish athletes, Queen Margrethe said, “When you jump on a trampoline when you are almost 50 years old, it is perhaps not surprising that it goes wrong”.

Crown Prince Frederik showed, on Tuesday, that he is back at work and will increase the workload gradually in the future. Tuesday night the Crown Prince, with his wife, Crown Princess Mary, attended the award ceremony for the Nordic Council.

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