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Crown Princess Mette-Marit visits Sex and Society clinic

On Monday, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway visited the Sex and Society clinic in Oslo to learn more about their work to educate and treat young people aged 18-25 in the areas of sex, emotions and body image. The Sex and Society clinic is Norway’s largest clinic for sexual and reproductive health and rights, with 29,000 visitors and patients each year.

The visit allowed Her Royal Highness to see the daily life and activities of the skilled health workers at the clinic who receive and treat thousands of visitors who come with questions about sex and contraception or to get testing for sexually transmitted diseases. In addition to seeing visitors to the clinic, the staff and volunteers also chat with more than 8,000 youth online, answering questions and giving advice.

Seeing and speaking with so many people 25 and under, the clinic has gathered extensive knowledge of just what young people think about and question when it comes to sex and their bodies, and also what challenges they face in the area of sexual health. During her visit, the Crown Princess, who was joined by Oslo’s mayor, Marianne Borgen, had the opportunity to meet with a number of the staff and volunteers who were happy to share with her about their experiences and the knowledge they have accumulated.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Ms Borgen received a tour of the clinic before they sat down to participate in an open discussion about why patients seek out the Sex and Society clinic, sexual education, contraception, sexual health in immigrant environments and what it means to be a transgender individual in Norway today.

Her Royal Highness has previously participated in Skamløsdagen, which focused on topics of sexuality and how freedom from shame can help to improve mental and physical health. The Sex and Society clinic works to ensure that Norway’s young people have access to competent health workers and encourage open communication and curiosity about body and sexuality as most of the information youths get in this topic can be misleading. The clinic also works to improve sex education in Norway’s schools.

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