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Crown Princess Mary attends official opening of Research Day

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark visited the Experimentarium in Copenhagen to attend the official opening of their Research Day. The Experimentarium is a playground for children and adolescents who are interested in science. Although it may not sounds like it, Research Day is actually an annual and nationwide science festival with about 75,000 participants.

Crown Princess Mary also handed out the Research Communication Award 2017 to the researcher Jacob Friis Sherson, which also include a prize of 100,000 kroner (around 114,000 GBP).  She was shown around the Experimentarium, where she was led into an area where one can play with bubbles. The Crown Princess managed to completely surround herself with one huge bubble. She was joined there by Education and Research Minister Søren Pind. She also attempted the lift a 500kg passenger car, with a unique lifting technique.

The Crown Princess spent two hours visiting the science playground, where she also met with many children whom all raved about meeting the Crown Princess.

Crown Princess Mary was born Mary Elizabeth Donaldson on 5 February 1972 in Hobart, Australia. Her parents are John Dalgleish Donaldson and Henrietta Clark Horne. She met Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark at a pub in Sydney during the 2000 Summer Olympics. She moved to Denmark in 2001, and they became engaged in 2003. They married on 14 May 2004 in Copenhagen Cathedral. They have four children, including twins.

Crown Princess Mary patronages include cultural organisations, the Danish fashion industry, research and science and humanitarian organisations. She is also part of the Mary Foundation which was established in 2007, and she is the chairwoman of eight trustees. The Mary Foundations aims to improve the lives of those who have been compromised by the environment, illness or other circumstances, which can isolate them socially.

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