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Crown Princess Margareta of Romania granted Swiss Nationality

Crown Prince Margareta of Romania became a naturalised Swiss citizen on Wednesday in a ceremony at the Palais de Beaulieu in Lausanne.

Alongside 450 others, Crown Princess Margaret took her citizenship oath as the ceremony was presided over by the Chancellor of the State of Vaud. She was joined there by her husband, Prince Radu.

“Our royal family and the canton of Vaud share a common history. I was born in Lausanne; I married in Lausanne. Switzerland was my only home when my family was in exile. Today I thank her for all she has done for us,” Crown Princess Margareta said after the ceremony. She confirmed that she also retains her Romanian nationality, saying that while “Switzerland is my adopted country, I have Romanian blood.”

Crown Princess Margareta and her husband arrived in Switzerland earlier this week to visit her father, King Michael of Romania, which was announced via a press release from the Romanian Royal Court. King Michael’s health is fragile but stable, and he is under the care of his medical team. King Michael is 95 years old, and he has a private residence in Switzerland, which he shared with wife, Anne of Bourbon-Parma until her death at the age of 92 last year.

According to the (now defunct) royal constitution of 1913 women were barred from succeeding to the throne but on 30 December 2007, King Michael designated Princess Margareta as the Custodian of the Crown and requested that should the Romanian Parliament consider restoring the monarchy, to also allow female succession. Crown Princess Margareta has four younger sisters, but no brothers. She has no children with her husband, and she is followed in the line of succession by her sister, Princess Elena and Elena’s daughter Elisabeta-Karina, as Elena’s son was removed from the line of succession in 2015.

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