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Crown Prince Leka of Albania supports Macedonian’s language reform

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leka II of Albania supports the recent change in Macedonian language laws that allows for increased use of Albanian in the country. The Crown Prince came out with a brief statement on his Facebook page in support of the language reform Friday morning.

On behalf of the Albanian Royal Family, the Crown Prince wrote the following: “The Albanian Royal Family approves the officiating of the Albanian Language, implemented yesterday by the Macedonian parliament, as an important step forward in the strengthening of relations between our two states, opening up further perspectives for development between us!”

The statement was published in both Albanian and English.

This week the Macedonian parliament adopted a law to extend the official use of the Albanian language across the country. The law extends the official use of Albanian where ethnic Albanians make up around a quarter of the total population of 2.1 million. It will mainly ease communication in Albanian with institutions like municipalities, hospitals and courts.

Crown Prince Leka shows the royal coat of arms of Albania. Photo: IndianRoyalist via Wikimedia Commons.

The previous law on languages defined Albanian as an official language, but it only had that status in areas where Albanians make up more than 20%  of the population in the north and west of the country, where Albanians are the majority in many areas. Along with Serbian, Greek, Turkish, Romani and Macedonian Sign Language, Albanian forms one of Macedonia’s official languages. About 25% of those living in Macedonia are ethnic Albanians.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leka of Albania is the only child of the first Leka, Crown Prince of Albania. On 30 November 2011, he succeeded as head of the House of Zogu, titular King of the Albanians upon the death of his father. Prince Leka had been an official at the Albanian Ministry of Interior and in the past has served as an advisor at the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Presidency.

The Prince is referred by some Albanian monarchists as King Leka II since the death of his father, whom they referred to as Leka I. In May 2010, the Prince became engaged to the Albanian actress Elia Zaharia, and they married on 8 October 2016 in Tirana.

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