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Queen Paola and family attend Coldplay concert

Queen Paola of Belgium made a rare public appearance earlier this week as she attended a Coldplay concert in Brussels. The Queen was joined by some members of her family.

Queen Paola rarely makes any public appearances since King Albert II abdicated in 2013 which made their son Philippe the King of the Belgians. Paola and Albert spend most of their time in Paola’s country of birth, Italy. King Albert and Queen Paola are barely ever seen with their oldest son, the King, and his family nor their youngest son Laurent. Princess Astrid still has good contact with her parents.

However, on Wednesday, Paola stepped out to attend a concert from the British band Coldplay. The Queen was joined by her only daughter Princess Astrid, her oldest grandson and Astrid’s son, Prince Amedeo and his wife, Lili Rosboch von Wolkenstein.

Queen Paola waved to the people who recognised her immediately as she and the rest of the family made their way inside. The family was accompanied by bodyguards as they escaped the long waiting lines to take their royal seats. In one of the videos that were shared on Twitter, Prince Amedeo was seen giving his wife a kiss while walking inside.

Prince Amedeo and Elisabetta “Lili” Rosboch von Wolkenstein married in Rome in July 2014. Among the guests were the entire Belgian Royal Family as well as Princess Beatrice of York. On 17 May 2016, the couple welcomed their daughter, Anna Astrid. Earlier this year it was revealed that Amedeo and Lili moved to Switzerland as Prince Amedeo started working for his father’s company Gutzwiller & Cie in Basel.

The British band Coldplay played two concerts in Brussels on Wednesday and Thursday. Chris Martin and the other members of the group held their show under a bright sky in the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels, Belgium. Both of the concerts sold out immediately.

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