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Queen Mathilde becomes godmother to seventh child in family from Ghent

Her Majesty Queen Mathilde of Belgium has become godmother to the seventh child from a family in Ghent, Belgium. It is a custom in the country that the King or Queen of the Belgians becomes a godparent to the seventh child in any Belgian family.

The press service of the town of Ghent said, “Queen Mathilde, with pleasure, accepted to be the godmother of Zaineb.”

Mathilde is the godmother to a baby girl named Zaineb who was born on 20 October 2016 in the Tebbi-Sadki family in Ghent. This is the second godchild for Her Majesty of a seventh child of a family.

On 13 April, the Mayor of Ghent will present the family with a gift from Her Majesty at the Town Hall. This follows the Belgian tradition where the godchildren of the King or Queen receive a gift on behalf of their royal godparent. When they are 15-years-old, they will be invited to the Christmas concert at the Royal Palace.

A spokeswoman for the Royal Palace told Dutch magazine, Vorsten, “King Philippe is godfather to two children. Now, Queen Mathilde has become the godmother of a second, seventh child in a family. It obviously does not happen very often.”

Queen Mathilde is the godmother to royal children, as well. Princess Alexia of the Netherlands and Princess Isabella of Denmark are her goddaughters. On a recent state visit to Denmark, Her Majesty was able to see Isabella and bring her a gift. She told the media, “She is only a year older than Eléonore, so I have plenty of inspiration.”

She added that Princess Isabella has visited her in Brussels in the past and explained to the shocked media, “You do not know everything. We also have a private life! And that is a good thing too.”

Her Majesty married then Prince Philippe on 4 December 1999. She was then given the title of Princess Mathilde, Duchess of Brabant. Together they have four children: Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant (b. 25 October 2001), Prince Gabriel (b. 20 August 2003), Prince Emmanuel (b. 4 October 2005) and Princess Eléonore (b. 16 April 2008). Philippe and Mathilde became the King and Queen of the Belgians upon the abdication of Philippe’s father, King Albert on 21 July 2013.

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