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Princess Elisabeth, a promising future Queen

Princess Elisabeth of Belgium, Duchess of Brabant, turned 16-years-old yesterday. For the occasion, the Belgian Royal Palace has given more information about the Princess’s personal life as she grows older. Time to take a look back and forward into the life of the Belgian heir to the throne.

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde have always wanted to keep their children out of the spotlight as much as possible. The Palace has a specific agreement with the media. Annually, the Belgian Royal Family invites the press for two photo sessions: one on a ski holiday and one during the summer holidays. Ever since King Philippe became King, the four children attend National Day celebrations and join their parents occasionally on official duties. For the rest of the year, the children of the King and Queen are left alone by the media and can pursue a relatively normal life.

Unlike Princess Amalia of the Netherlands, Princess Elisabeth has already undertaken several official engagements. In 2009, she recorded a video message in which she wished the crew of the South Pole Base, which is named after her, good luck. At the age of 10, she opened the Princess Elisabeth Children’s Hospital which was named after her. At the occasion, she gave her first speech. In 2014, the Princess gave a self-written speech in the three official languages of Belgium. Princess Elisabeth surprised friends and family with her speech and her professionality. In the Belgian press she was said to be “very talented” at giving speeches. At the age of 13, the Princess baptised her first marine ship.

The Princess definitely has the sense of duty from her father and the kindness from her mother. She feels confortable speaking to people and is not afraid to shake hands. Princess Elisabeth has been doing a fantastic job so far. Even people who are not a fan of the monarchy admit that the oldest child of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde fits perfectly into her role. She is also called “the secret weapon” of the Belgian Monarchy.

Watch a short clip of Princess Elisabeth giving her first speech below.

Today, Princess Elisabeth studies at the St.-Jan Berchmanscollege in Brussels. She is in her fourth year and will have to study two more years there. Afterwards, she’ll go to university. It is expected that the Princess will go to university abroad to gain some international experience. Undoubtedly, Elisabeth will also undergo military training as she’ll become the chief commander of the Belgian Army once she has become Queen.

The Royal Court also released some new information on the private life of the Princess. Elisabeth likes to read and takes a music class. She also enjoys different sports: diving, skiing, sailing and tennis. Additionally, she loves hiking and trying new recipes; she is said to be a very good cook. She also has some other interests that are possibly quite unusual for her age. She helps students with difficulties to follow along in class. She has also done some voluntary work. She has worked at a nursing home, a homeless shelter and an institution for people with disabilities.

Princess Elisabeth has been doing an excellent job so far. She’s great at talking to people, giving speeches, etc., and she is only 16. Princess Elisabeth: a promising future Queen.

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