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Princess Astrid suffers hip fracture ahead of National Day

Princess Astrid of Belgium will be spending the National Day walking on crutches. The Princess injured her hip with several micro-fractures.

The Belgian court has announced that the Princess suffers from a hip injury of the femur neck.  The injury consists of several micro-fractures which were caused by overpressure and not by a fall. A Palace spokesman added that ‘On doctors advice, the Princess can’t put much pressure on her hip. Because of this, she has been walking on crutches for the past few days, and she’ll have to continue to do that for several weeks.’

The announcement came just hours before the Princess’ first public engagement since the injury and a day before the National Day. Tonight the Princess joined her brother the King, the Queen and her husband Prince Lorenz as she attended the Preludium concert to the National Day at the Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels. She opted for flat sandals instead of heels to go with her pink top and red skirt as she can’t overpressure her hip.

Despite the hip injury, Princess Astrid hasn’t cancelled her scheduled engagements on Belgium’s National Day. The Princess and her husband will attend a Te Deum mass in Louvain in the morning before returning to Brussels. Then she and Lorenz will assist the King at the annual military parade. Usually, Astrid would also join the festivities in the park, but she will have to pass on this occasion. Normally she will be present when the fireworks signal the end of the National Day, but this remains uncertain and will depend on how the Princess feels after a rather exhausting day.

Earlier today, a speech held by King Philippe was broadcast in honour of the Belgian National Day on 21st of July.

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