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King Philippe reveals his health problem during visit to radio station

His Majesty King Philippe of Belgium visited the radio studio of the MNM radio channel on Wednesday. During his visit, the King came with an unexpected statement related to his health. The reason why the King visited the radio studio was to participate in a non-stop broadcast that the radio channel has as a tradition in making every year. This year is the sixth time the long and live show has been conducted.

King Philippe abruptly cancelled all his public duties on Tuesday due to health problems. During Wednesday’s visit to the radio station, the 57-year-old King revealed he has back problems. He also explained to the radio channel that he was fatigued on Tuesday because he had not slept for three days due to the pain he had in his back.

King Philippe of Belgium. Photo: Lars Koopmans via Wikimedia Commons.

The radio hosts Peter Van de Veir and Julie Van den Steen led the King through the visit. “The King was a special man, basically everything I had imagined,” said Peter Van de Veir to the press after His Majesty had left. “I noticed that he was a very open and honest man,” continued Van de Veir.

During his visit, the King emphasised what an important job radio has to inform the people, and he thanked those who worked there for what they do.

Queen Mathilde and King Philippe of Belgium. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen

During his visit to MNM, His Majesty also had the opportunity to hear a few songs from the Belgian band Bazart. Before leaving, the King also had conversations with several musicians. He also had a long talk with students from several Belgian universities.

In conversation with the students, the King shared his advice on how to become a good student. The King said, “It is also important to take the time to relax during the study period. Organise your time well and take time to go out and do something, sports for example.”

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