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A new song for King Willem-Alexander’s 50th birthday

The Koninklijke Bond van Oranjeverenigingen (Royal Union of Orange Associations) has written a new King’s Song for King Willem-Alexander’s 50th birthday on 27 April. The song has the original title: a Song for the King. 

“A lot of Orange Associations sing a song on the morning of King’s Day, it’s a Dutch tradition where the people sing to the King”, said Pieter Verhoeve, who wants to become the new President of the Union during an interview with Radio 1. “We hope that a number of the members will sing this song.”

The song was composed by Edwin Schimscheimer and the lyrics were written by Coot van Doesburgh. They have previously written songs for famous Dutch artists. The members of the Union were presented with the song today so that orchestras and choirs could practice before King’s Day in April.

Literal translation by Moniek Bloks

Lang zal hij leven, gelukkig en goed. Dan doen wij ook mee met wat durf en wat moed. Hoe we ook onderling allen verschillen, ieder kan helpen bij wat wij graag willen. Dan is er niemand meer werkelijk alleen. Eén voor ons allen en allen voor één.”

Long shall he live, happy and well. Then we will participate with bravery and courage. No matter how different we are, each of us can help with what we want. Then nobody will be truly alone. One for us all and all for one.

Als we na kijken ook werkelijk zien. Als we naast horen ook luisteren misschien. En dan begrijpen en stoppen met haten. Als we dan lachen en eindelijk praten, dan komt het goed. Dus geef me je hand en loop met me mee door dit prachtige land. Een plaats om te leven voor ons allemaal. Wij spreken tenslotte dezelfde taal.

When we look and truly see. When we hear and also listen, maybe. And then we understand and stop hating. When we smile and finally speak. So give me your hand and walk with me through this beautiful land. A place to live for us all. We speak the same language after all.

The last song written for King Willem-Alexander was for his inauguration in 2013. It was called “The day you knew would come”, and was critically received. Pieter Verhoeve is not afraid is this song being another failure. “That was a different song, it was for the inauguration. We now have a song for his 50th birthday.”

The official King’s Day song of 2013

A special song was written for children, by composer Ivo Kouwenhoven. It’s called Hip Hip Hooray, it’s the King’s birthday. 

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