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Merrily rowing along: Prince Philip to visit club

The Duke of Edinburgh will visit Newquay next month to meet the members of Newquay Rowing Club, after he received a letter requesting him to visit.


Prince Philip is due to visit the Harbour and new Treffry Centre at the beginning of August after the chairman of Newquay Rowing Club, John Cuthill, sent a letter to Buckingham Palace inviting the 93 year old to see the historic gigs owned by the club and meet the rowers and club officials.

After being welcomed to the Harbour, Prince Phillip will walk to the quayside where four of the club’s gigs will be standing.

Afterwards he will meet representatives of the Trustees of Newquay Pilot Gigs, as well as sponsors and representatives of the Cornish Pilot Gig Association.

Later on in the day, The Duke will walk to the harbour where he meet RNLI President Norman Bailey before being shown around the Tunnel where a number of historic photographs of Newquay, the club and the gigs will be on display.

It is planned that The Queen’s husband will unveil a slate plaque bearing the words “To commemorate the visit to Newquay Rowing Club by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh KG KT on 1 August 2014.”

photo credit: Mikepaws via photopin cc

  • Karim Sadrudin Juma

    A Visit for His Royal Highness Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip still attending formal Functions at age 93 is awesome. At this Age Most are at a time to be sleeping or just dazing.
    I feel in my Dearest Heart this Man even if he had no title he is just a Dazzling Star since the beginning of His Life.
    He gives me a side of Him that I would only want to live no Longer live more than 80 Years Age.
    But it is only the Almighty who gives Life, Takes it and see’s you in everyday life trying to accomplish whatever with Public, Family, Friends, or Peers. And this Star, His Royal Highness Duke Of Edinburgh Prince Philip has attained I think all that is Needed. In the End of The Eye of Public everybody see’s a Kind and Very Generous Man. Even to come to this Event at “Newquay Rowing Club” seeing and Meeting Sponsors like Cornish Pilot Gig Association as well as Newquay Rowing Club is still making People Proud wherever he goes.

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