23 May 2013 - 17:47
Prince Charles’s Helicopter Forced To Make Emergency Landing


The aerodrome where the Royal helicopter made the emergency landing.

The aerodrome where the Royal helicopter made the emergency landing.

The royal helicopter carrying HRH The Prince of Wales and HRH The Duchess of Cornwall was forced to make an emergency landing in an airfield in Denham, Buckinghamshire earlier today after the royal helicopter begun experiencing technical faults.

Prince Charles and Camilla were on their way to attend the opening day of the festival in Hay-on-Wye when the incident happened. The technical fault caused delays of over 2 hours, for which the Prince apologised profusely upon his eventual arrival.

During their visit to the festival, the Prince and the Duchess were due to meet shopkeepers and traders in the town and were eventually forced to travel the rest of their way by car.

The Denham aerodrome staff refused to comment on the incident, according to the Daily Telegraph’s report.

The Royal Helicopter. Often used as the Royal Family don't own a private jet.

The Royal Helicopter. Often used as the Royal Family don’t own a private jet.


The royal helicopter is within the Royal Family’s personal transport collection. As The Queen doesn’t have her own private jet, the helicopter is often used for shorter internal flights that would take too long via car as a quicker alternative.

The Royal Family can use a special RAF flight squadron called ‘No. 32 Squadron’ which is the Royal Flight, though they often travel by specially chartered flight on British Airways for external flights. Domestically, the Royal Family depend on the helicopter for short range internal flights.

In November 2009, The Queen received a new helicopter which is capable of a maximum speed of 178 mph and a ferry range of 400 miles (640 km) with a 30-minute reserve.

photo credits: Jed Sheehan & kenjonbro via photopin cc

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