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Prince Charles to attend Degree Show for The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts

The Prince of Wales is attending the Degree Show of The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts at The Prince’s Charities Campus in Shoreditch on Wednesday.

The Degree Show is an annual event, held each summer to publicly display the work of graduating students. This year’s exhibition, which commenced on the 30th of June and will end on Friday, showcases the work of a wide range of students, including two from Brunei, who are in the UK as part of an exchange program. Among the exhibitions were traditional Moroccan paintings, carpets woven by the Islamic culture and pottery from Native Americans, all displaying great craftsmanship and artistry.

The Prince’s School was founded by Prince Charles in 2004, with the aim to “to continue the living traditions of the world’s sacred and traditional art forms.” It offers a chance for students to study art at a higher level, allowing them to earn a post-graduate degrees, as well as short open courses for members of the community. As the President of the School, Prince Charles takes great interest in its working and programmes, and is actively involved in events organised by the institution.

His Royal Highness has spoken about The Prince’s School in the past, saying: “I founded by School of Traditional Arts because I felt strongly that it was vital to preserve the understanding and knowledge of traditional craftsmanship and techniques that are based on thousands of years of accumulated experience.”

 The Prince will present two student prizes during his visit; The Ciclitira Prize, which awards the winner with £5,000 and the Barakat Prize, awarding the winner £1,000.

Photo credit: Downing Street via photopin cc

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