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Prince Charles and Prince William appeal for an end to poaching

Prince William

On Tuesday, the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge attended the “United for Wildlife” meeting at the Zoological Society of London.

As reported by Royal Central last week, Prince William by way of his charity has organised an exceptional partnership with seven of the top name groups in conversation along with the Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

Before attending the scheduled meeting, father and son visited two endangered Sumatran tigers at the zoo’s Tiger Territory exhibit. Prior to seeing Melati and her mate Jae Jae, the tiger habitat was sprayed with Hugo Boss perfume.

“We use perfume because it stimulates them, It stimulates their natural scent marking behaviour.” Teague Stubbington, tiger keeper commented in The Express.

As they watched the tigers, William discussed the plans set for United for Wildlife, stating that he would like to have conservation experts and leaders participate in discussions. He mentioned plans to get “them in one room to focus their energy and their commitment to one cause – particularly obviously this illegal wildlife trade at the moment is such a big issue.”

“The idea was that United for Wildlife can progress and we can really start the ball rolling and the momentum and really try and change and tackle this issue.” He continued: “Education is the most important thing as we saw with the shark fin soup campaign – the more education, the more obviously we can put out there and show people and educate them on what they’re buying and what they’re seeing and really try and change their attitudes.I think we’ve got a real chance of changing the way things are going,” William stated.

Plans are in the works for William to travel to Kenya next year. He wishes to go and see the conservation work that is taking place and the strategies being implemented to halt poaching. “Hopefully, next year I’ll get to go out to Kenya sometime,” he remarked.

Both Royals had the opportunity to learn how the latest technology involving cameras and drones are aiding park rangers in uncovering the illegal poachers. Fascinated by a toy albatross that was fitted with a tracking device that showed how the devices would be used on live animals, the new father alluded that perhaps it is something Prince George would fancy.

“It looks like something George has in his bedroom, “You’ve not been bugging my son’s room, have you?” William teased. “If I see anyone giving one of these to George, then I’ll know you’re tracking him!”

The tigers as well as many other larger animals have been in peril since 2006, due to the illegal practise of poaching.

An international conference to stop illegal trade will be held in February 2014 at Lancaster House in London. This will allow for government officials to sit down together for the first time and discuss and map out plans to halt the illegal poaching.

“The most important thing to remember I think is that you have to reduce consumption of illegal wildlife parts whether it’s ivory, or rhino horn, tiger parts or whatever from various endangered species,” remarked Charles.

Both passionate about conservation, one can expect some sort of change in the future with the Royal duo guiding the way.

photo credit: pmwebphotos via photopin cc

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