Royal History

  • Tell Me More About… The Coronation

    by - May 30, 2013
    With the sixtieth anniversary of The Queen’s coronation on Sunday 2nd June, let’s find out more about the event itself. June was chosen as it was the month thought most likely to be warm and sunny....
  • Edward VIII ‘Was Bugged By Government’ During 1936 Abdication Crisis

    by - May 23, 2013
    King Edward VIII is remembered as the King who gave up his crown for love. In 1936, after less than 12 months on the throne after acceding after the death of his father earlier in the...
  • Fashion in Art Exhibition Opens At The Queen’s Gallery

    by - May 14, 2013
    A new exhibition that uses art to examine Tudor and Stuart fashion opened on Friday, May 10 at The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace. The exhibition, “In Fine Style: The Art of Tudor and Stuart Fashion,” features...
  • Controversial New Anne Boleyn Play To Begin At Tower Of London

    by - May 11, 2013
    A controversial new play about Anne Boleyn’s incestuous relationship with her brother  to the site of Anne’s trial, execution and final resting place is to begin at HM Tower of London next week. Leading Suffolk theatre company...
  • Government Blocks Exported Sale Of George IV Gift Jewels

    by - May 2, 2013
    The Government have banned the sale of rare jewels, worth £150,000, originally given as a gift from George IV (as Prince Regent) to a lady-in-waiting....Read More
  • Diamond Jubilee Barge To Begin New Life In Portugal

    by - Mar 27, 2013
    During last year’s Diamond Jubilee River pageant, the Spirit of Chartwell became the main attraction as it was boarded by members of the Royal Family. It has now been announced that the Diamond Jubilee barge is...
  • Duke Of Gloucester Meets With Richard III Society Over King’s ‘Dignity’

    by - Mar 2, 2013
    Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester has met with the Richard III society over how his 15th-century namesake ‘s dignity can be preserved. Prince Richard met with  Dr Philip Stone, chairman of the Richard III Society and...
  • Richard I’s Mummified Heart Analysed By Forensic Scientists

    by - Feb 28, 2013
    The BBC reports today that the heart of Richard I, so called ‘Richard the Lionheart’ has been analysed by forensic scientists. Richard the Lionheart, died in 1199 his heart was embalmed and buried separately from the rest...
  • Twitter Goes Mad For #KingInTheCarPark – Humorous Tweets & Pics

    by - Feb 4, 2013
    Well today has put some historians on an elated high after the bones found in a Leicester car park were confirmed to belong to Richard III. In a slight deviation from the matter, we thought we’d...
  • Bones Found In Leicester Car Park Confirmed To Be Richard III’s

    by - Feb 4, 2013
    Earlier today, the University Of Leicester confirmed that the bones it discovered in a car park in Leicester do indeed belong to England’s last Plantagenet King, King Richard III. The University publishes these findings after having...