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  • ‘Our Queen’ Will Offer Revelations; But It Isn’t The First!

    by - Mar 17, 2013
    Tonight's 'Our Queen' documentary promises to deliver many revelations. Not least because of its intimacy with the Queen and the Royal Household during the Diamond Jubilee year. ...Read More
  • Our Trip To Windsor Castle – Picture Slideshow

    by - Mar 17, 2013
    If you follow us on Twitter, you may be aware that yesterday, we went to Windsor Castle. It was wonderful! Here is a small slideshow of pictures we took that may interest you all. Enjoy!...Read More
  • A Short History of the Imperial State Crown

    by - Mar 16, 2013
    My name is Alex David and I am excited to post on Royal Central for the first time. I write my own blog on the British Monarchy ( as well as posting on Twitter, plus I...
  • Charlotte, The Forgotten Princess

    by - Mar 15, 2013
    A short history of the life of one of Britain's most popular princesses. ...Read More
  • 10 Questions & Answers On… Princess Beatrice Of York

    by - Mar 15, 2013
    Princess Beatrice is the daughter of Prince Andrew and the granddaughter of The Queen. The 24-year-old Princess is the first female in line to the throne and this week, we take a look at the life...
  • Speculation Station: Letizia’s Quick Fix

    by - Mar 14, 2013
    Letizia, Princess of Asturias, is the wife of Spain's Prince Felipe. Although not titled as Crown Prince and Crown Princess, Felipe and Letizia are still the next king and queen consort of Spain. Before marriage, she...
  • Getting to Know Autumn Phillips (née Kelly)

    by - Mar 13, 2013
    Considering she's married to Peter Phillips, 11th in line to the throne and eldest Grandchild of Queen Elizabeth, there is remarkably little information out there about Autumn Phillips (née Kelly). How has she mastered the art...
  • An Interview With Andrew Stewart Jamieson, The Queen’s Illuminator & Scribe

    by - Mar 12, 2013
    We interview Andrew Stewart Jamieson, The Queen's Scribe & Illuminator about what he does and some of the intricacies of his job. This is the first in what we hope will be a series of remarkable...
  • Op-Ed: “Few Things With The Royal Baby Are To Be A Surprise, Now Let’s Stop Guessing The Gender”

    by - Mar 9, 2013
    What a week! Firstly it was reported that the Duchess of Cambridge had unwittingly revealed the royal baby’s gender whilst in Grimsby, then over the last few days we’ve discovered that the Duchess didn’t even so...
  • Just What Is ‘St James’s Palace’?

    by - Mar 9, 2013
    St James’s Palace used to be the Monarch’s primary residence in London, but since it was last used as such by King William IV, with Queen Victoria moving into Buckingham Palace upon her accession in 1837....