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  • Top 15 Royal Quotes Of All Time

    by - Apr 14, 2013
    The top 15 quotes from members of the Royal Family, past and present and King and Queens of England....Read More
  • Audley End – The Ex-Royal Palace With Many Personalities

    by - Apr 13, 2013
    The British Monarchy has some wonderful royal palaces and houses, but there are many more great houses around the country that have once been ‘Royal’. Audley End in Essex is one such house. Now run by...
  • How The English Monarchy Began

    by - Apr 13, 2013
    There’s no doubt with us that the British Monarchy is the most iconic and famous Monarchy in the world. Its history, though, is just as iconic as its present. In this article we explain how England,...
  • Top 5 Most Beautiful Castles In Britain

    by - Apr 12, 2013
    In a break with 'strictly' royal content, we decided to present you with the 5 most beautiful British castles and aristocratic residences....Read More
  • Why Princess Anne Is The Royal Family’s Unsung Hero

    by - Apr 9, 2013
    With all the fuss about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge being made every time a new engagement is announced, it’s worth reflecting sometimes that despite their public appearance, and the media coverage of their appearances,...
  • Can I Be A Private Secretary to the Royals?

    by - Apr 9, 2013
    A few months ago, thanks to breaking news via Twitter from Victoria Murphy with the UK Mirror and Richard Palmer with the UK Daily Express, I discovered that Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton was becoming Principal Private Secretary to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge...
  • Margaret Thatcher & The Queen – What Was Their Relationship Like?

    by - Apr 8, 2013
    As Britain comes to terms with the loss of one of its most famous and formidable Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, we examine her much-reported relationship with The Queen....Read More
  • Margaret Thatcher, 1925-2013

    by - Apr 8, 2013
    Along with Her Majesty and many conservatives around the world, I am truly saddened at the passing of Baroness Thatcher. But at the same time, I am forever grateful that she lived and fought. She was...
  • A Visit To The Richard III Exhibition In Leicester

    by - Apr 7, 2013
    On 4 February this year my phone barely left my hand as I constantly checked my twitter updates, waiting to be told whether the skeleton found under the Leicester carpark really was Richard III.  It seemed...
  • The Mystic History of St Edward’s Sapphire

    by - Apr 6, 2013
    After my last post on the general history of the Imperial State Crown, let us now investigate the tales of some of the individual jewels that are mounted on it. The greatest significance of the Imperial...