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  • The Dark History of the Black Prince’s Ruby

    by - May 1, 2013
    Take one look at the Imperial State Crown and the first thing that strikes your eye is the big, deep red stone exactly in its middle, acting almost as the crown’s own bloodshot eye  onto the...
  • The Dutch Abdication

    by - Apr 30, 2013
    Her Majesty The Queen of the Netherlands is to abdicate today at 10am local time (9am UK time), we cover live the events of the abdication....Read More
  • Beatrix, Queen of Heartbreak

    by - Apr 29, 2013
    When Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands officially abdicates on April 30, she will end a 33-year reign that is viewed as one of the most successful in Dutch history. But it is also marred with personal...
  • Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Future Plans After Two Years of Marriage

    by - Apr 29, 2013
    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have now been married for two years. Their first two years have been split between military and royal couple. But now with a baby on the way that seems to...
  • A Review Of Loyalty By Matthew Lewis – A Story Of Richard III

    by - Apr 26, 2013
    I have always been fascinated by Richard III.  Was he truly the villain depicted by Shakespeare or the wronged heroic figure, who made an excellent King, that we see in more recent historical fiction?  What is...
  • On This Day 90 Years Ago, George VI And Queen Elizabeth Marry

    by - Apr 26, 2013
    90 years ago today, The Queen’s parents, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (later known as The Queen Mother), at the time known as Prince Albert, Duke of York and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon married at Westminster...
  • Royal Biographies – Which Are The Best?

    by - Apr 25, 2013
    Over the years, thousands of biographies on royals have been published. Most are good, some are awful and some are excellent. So if you want to find out more about a particular royal, and go to...
  • Wallis Simpson Dies, 26 Years Ago Today – Who Was She?

    by - Apr 24, 2013
    One of the most mysterious and sometimes shocking points in the history of the British Monarchy was what later became known as the 1936 abdication crisis. The then Edward VIII had acceded to the throne at...
  • The Sun Never Sets on the British Crown

    by - Apr 23, 2013
    Many people enjoyed the Royal wedding and watching the Royals cheer on the athletes during the 2012 London Olympics, but most—especially in the US where I now live—don’t know just how influential the British Crown is...
  • A First Hand View Of Today’s Windsor Castle Scouts Parade With Duchess Of Cambridge

    by - Apr 21, 2013
    Karl Cooper tells us about what it was like at Windsor Castle for today's Queen's Scouts parade....Read More