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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to go ‘glamping’ at Ayers Rock

The Telegraph in Australia has reported that whilst the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are on their upcoming tour they will go ‘glamping’ at Uluru, also known as ‘Ayers Rock’.


‘Glamping’ is a fairly new phenomenon in the US and Europe; it is where tourists can have all of the benefits of traditional camping, such as a camp-fire, sleeping under the stars, and being away from the technology of modern life. However, for those who do not enjoy sleeping bags and precariously placed tent-poles, ‘glamping’ accommodation usually is a type of permanent tent, such as a yurt or teepee, and has an actual bed, mattress, electric lighting and sturdy walls.

For one night, William and Catherine will stay at the luxury camp site, Longitude 131, and will take the opportunity to sleep under the stars. This will be one of the few nights they will spend away from Prince George, who will be with his nanny in Canberra.

At $1,100 per night, Longitude 131’s ‘tents’ are in fact small lodges with canvas ceilings, double beds and sofas. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will also be able to enjoy the panoramic views of Ayers Rock through a full-length window that spans the entirety of one wall of the lodge. There are just 15 of these tents near the entrance to the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

The Duke and Duchess will sleep under the stars, watching the sun set and rise again for one night of relaxation.

The Duke and Duchess will have the chance to watch the sun set and rise again for one night at Uluru on their tour.

The PR manager of Voyages Indigenous Tourism, Karena Noble, has said: “Staying overnight is an amazing experience, watching the sunrise and sunset as the light changes on the rock is so beautiful. It is a really amazing place”. Noble continued by saying: “William and Kate are showcasing the spiritual heart of Australia to the world” by deciding to stay at the camp site.

The UK currently makes up the vast majority of tourism at Uluru, and the Northern Territory Chief Minister, Adam Giles, has stated that he hopes the Royal couple’s stay will encourage other international tourists to visit the infamous landmark.

photo credit: Katrina Koger and Mark Wassellvia  photopin cc

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