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Prince William hosts first investiture ceremony as he honours Andy Murray

Prince William has taken part in his first investiture ceremony as he steps up to support his grandmother, The Queen.

The Duke of Cambridge hosted the investiture at Buckingham Palace on Thursday morning, where he honoured Andy Murray who received an OBE for his services to tennis.

Andy Murray

Prince William awarded Andy Murray an OBE for his services to Tennis. (Photo: BBC Video)

William looked confident and at ease as he pinned the award on Andy and the pair spoke briefly. Each guest is allocated 30 seconds to chat with the royal.

Earlier this morning, the Wimbledon champion had tweeted he was in a drug test and could be late for his appointment at the Palace.

“In the middle of a drug test hahaha I’m going to be late,” the tennis player told his 2.2million followers.

The investiture was William’s first and the Prince looked dapper in his RAF uniform. The father of Prince George announced last month that he would be quitting his military role to increase his royal duties to support The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

“William has been practising using the sword and pinning the medals on a servant so that he gets it right,” a royal insider revealed before the ceremony.

Over the next year, it is expected William will take on a busier diary of engagements as he prepares for a full-time royal working life. The Prince and the Duchess of Cambridge are expected to travel to Australia and New Zealand next year, which will be their third overseas tour since their wedding in April 2011.

  • James Peacock

    It’s really good that he has started to take this on, hopefully soon we will start to see him and the Duchess at formal state visits at the palaces soon. Is there any word on whether Prince Harry will start doing investitures soon as well?

  • merit

    Is this Ruritania?

    • Zebulon

      U.S. Lt.-Gen. Scratchley Brown, 1976, when asked if a courtesy consultation should be given to the RAF prior to the redeployment of a U.S. Air Wing in Germany. “No. Britain is no longer a world power. All they have left is admirals and bands.”

  • Zebulon

    ““William has been practising using the sword and pinning the medals on a servant so that he gets it right.”

    How many servants did he go through during practice? Thank goodness for the NHS, I guess. (Still, I guess being the human pin-cushion for William beats getting the other kind-of sticking Charles gave his servants.)

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