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Adorable new photo of Prince George released to mark first birthday

A new photograph of Prince George of Cambridge has been released to mark the 3rd-in-line to the throne’s first birthday, which he celebrates this Tuesday.

Prince George's first birthday

The picture was taken by Press Association photographer John Stillwell when Prince George visited the “Sensational Butterflies” exhibition at the Natural History Museum earlier this month with his parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It shows the young prince walking whilst touring the exhibition in London.

Released ahead of the Prince’s first birthday by Kensington Palace, this latest photo is one of several occasions for photos the world have already enjoyed, with the first photos being released by the Palace just months after he was born taken by Michael Middleton in the Middleton family back garden.

Prince George, who will one day reign as king, has already travelled to two of the countries he will one day potentially reign over on his the tour of New Zealand and Australia last year with parents William and Kate.

Kensington Palace announced the new photos on Friday with this single photo being released today for the Sunday papers. Two more images of the Prince at the museum will be released on Monday evening, ahead of the Tuesday editions of the national papers.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George pictured in the Middletons' Bucklebury home's garden.

The first official photo of Prince George released in August last year.

Photo credits: John Stillwell/PA Wire & Michael Middleton/PA

  • Karim Sadrudin Juma

    This is Just a Joyous Day July 22, 2014 the First Birthday of His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge with His Parents Duke and Duchess Prince William and Princess Catherine. His Royal Highness Prince George is Starting Fast in Life showing to the Public that he can walk this Early at this age. His Excellent Health and Plush Cheeks of Radiant Health as an Infant proves that The Common Wealth is Blessed with a Future King in the Name of Our Lord who is going to be Dynamic, Good Looking and Brilliant as his face shows in all Pictures. He seems to be taking the Public on a Good Joy Ride with his Poses and Styles of Clothing by what he Wears and Behaves. Well Thumbs Up Your Royal Highness Prince George Of Cambridge with Good Health, Happiness, Prosperity and Unity with Your Family and The Common Wealth and The World. AMEN . We all Wish You “A “Happy Birthday To You” A ” Happy Birthday To You” A ” Happy Birthday To You” AND MANY MORE. LOTS OF LOVE AND KISSES FROM AROUND THE WORLD FROM EVERYBODY ON YOUR FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ricky

    Prince Harry says he thinks George looks like Winston Churchill, and I can see a certain resemblance. But I think he looks a lot more like Spanky from the Little Rascals comedies of the 1930’s!

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