Duchess Of Cambridge’s Uncle Gives Lucrative Interview To Hello Magazine

18 March 2013 - 05:47pm
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Gary Goldsmith was once filmed offering drugs to undercover reporters a few years ago. However, the Duchess of Cambridge had forgiven his previous antics and invited him to her wedding in 2011.

Gary Goldsmith claims credit for helping the Duchess get back together with the Duke of Cambridge after their temporary break-up in 2007, saying she stayed at his villa on Ibiza where she spent “a huge amount of time on the phone, walking around the pool”.


Hello magazine is famed for paying large sums of money for interviews with high status people and in this case; those with high status family connections. It says it doesn’t discuss its arrangements with interviewees; but is known for paying up to £1 million for some interviews.

Mr Goldsmith has also expressed that he believes he’ll play a very important role in helping to bring up the royal child when it is born in July, stating, “Would I play a part in the future monarch’s upbringing? Of course I would. And it’s another young baby growing up to play with, which I’d love to be a part of.”

The contents of the interview with Hello! magazine remains to be seen; though many say the interview will be quite thorough and certainly include a lot of questions about the Duchess.

  • Kycopswife678

    Oh I’m sure he will play a part in the up-bringing of this child!! He is living in a delusional fantasy world!!!!!!!

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