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Duchess of Cambridge to visit M-PACT programme in Islington

On Tuesday 1st July, The Duchess of Cambridge will visit Blessed Sacrament School to see the progression of M-PACT Plus, a school based project which addresses addiction in families. The project was launched in Manchester in 2013 by Her Royal Highness and the comedian John Bishop.


The project, which is funded by the Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, is also funded by Comic Relief who are also working closely with Place2Be and Action on Addiction to deliver the programme. M-PACT Plus provides early support for school children affected by a parents drug or alcohol misuse. The programme combines Place2Be‘s in-school counselling for children and parents with the expertise of Action on Addiction.

The Duchess of Cambridge will meet project co-ordinators and school head teachers to gain a real insight into the progress made since its launch last year, across all four project sites in Sunderland, Manchester, Essex and London. Catherine will then join a counselling session before joining John Bishop to meet M-PACT Plus practitioners, supporters and members of the Blessed Sacrament School community. Both will then hear speeches from a selection of people there.

M-PACT Plus is an initiative to support children, parents and families affected by parental alcohol or drug misuse and the project involves training school staff to identify children affected by a parent’s misuse of these substances. The deliverance of the project in schools is down to two charities of which the Duchess is Patron of, children’s mental health charity Place2Be and Action on Addiction, which is one of the UK’s leading voices on addiction.

The combined expertise of these two charities will help vulnerable families tackle the impact of drug and alcohol misuse on children. By identifying these issues in children in school, it aims to develop the children’s resilience, improve communications in families and equip them with coping strategies.

The project, which at the minute is being run as a pilot just to provide an indication as to how the school based intervention, may be delivered on a larger scale so that more of the three million children living with these problems receive the support they need. The project is already being evaluated to inform future, larger scale delivery of the programme in schools.

It appears that the Duchess of Cambridge is taking part in a lot more solo engagements as her overall engagement count keeps growing. Her most recent solo engagement was to Bletchley Park where she got the chance to see what work her Grandmother did during the Second World War.

Photo Credit: Governor General New Zealand

  • baywaterblue

    I’m totally mystified as to what the Duchess actually does for these charities other than provide photo ops which are, I presume, to portray she is performing work for them. Her deceased mother-in-law was known to make late night visits to the facilities that housed the disadvantaged and medically impaired. I don’t believe the Duchessd of Csmbtidge has done anything other than appear at photo ops.

    • Rocknroll

      It’s a bit sad that high-profile people who try to help others like the Duchess get negative perception from some, instead of being an inspiration to actually try and help the cause. As for Diana, we did know her private visits, mostly when she was already gone, surely we don’t want Kate to be the same. Since both of us, I presume, never met her and worked with her, I think a good indication of how committed she is to the causes she’s taken on would come from people who see her and interact with her at her visits. You can find articles about it and videos of interviews of people who worked for these charities about it around so maybe it can help shed a light. She seems very engaged to me and most of her charities are very much linked to her personal interests which says a lot. Private visits are “private” for a reason. If every visit she does to her charities gets publicized, they’ll never get things done with the media circus that follows her everywhere she goes,

      • baywaterblue

        I’ve read and researched her charitable work record and so far this year she has visited 9 charities for approximately a half-hour each. That is her record of charitable work for the current year.

        • Rocknroll

          I’m sure it’s easy to find fault in anyone. Neither of us know her, work with her or know what she does when there are no cameras following her. In front of the media, she does what other royals does, raise awareness for the causes and raise the profile of the charities. What they do behind-the-scenes, we never know. If they publicize their every visit to their charities, assuming they do make private visits, I’m sure it will rub you the wrong way too. So in the end, we know very little about these people and the work they do, so can’t make objective judgment to how much “charity work” they do”. Also, Kate is her own woman. She need not be Diana or need to approach things like Diana did to make her mark in public life. People should let her be her own version of a princess.

          • baywaterblue

            Having lived in the IK just outside of London in Berkshire near Windor, my friends who are “royal subjects” tell me she’s known to them as “The Duchess of Do Nothinh”. And that comes directly from some bonafide royal subjects.

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