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7 facts about naming a Royal Baby

As Prince William and his wife prepare to welcome their first child into the world, we have produced this list of facts to help you all understand what goes into naming a royal baby.

Prince William's name follows the usual royal style of giving boys four names: William Arthur Philip Louis.

Prince William’s name follows the usual royal style of giving boys four names: William Arthur Philip Louis.

Usually, for titled members of the Royal Family, boys are given four names and girls are given three names. The Queen is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, Prince William is William Arthur Philip Louis, for example.

Queen Victoria ordered that all her descendants bear the name Albert somewhere in their names if male and Victoria if female. This order has not really been followed as only a few of her descendants currently have this naming pattern. Princess Eugenie is Eugenie Helena Victoria, for example and Prince Andrew is Andrew Albert Christian Edward.

Whereas the Royal Baby will be known by the first of its 3/4 names as a Prince or Princess, when it becomes King or Queen, it can choose out of all of its names what to reign as. This means that a more modern name could be considered as the first of its names, providing at least one traditional name was included.

Princess Eugenie's full name is Eugenie Helena Victoria, one of the few royals whose name follows Queen Victoria's orders.

Princess Eugenie’s full name is Eugenie Helena Victoria, one of the few royals whose name follows Queen Victoria’s orders.

Some future Monarchs’ names were chosen in some very unusual ways. For example, whereas nowadays Victoria is considered a very old fashioned and traditional name, in 1819 when Queen Victoria was born, a row ensued over the naming of the baby. As George IV didn’t want to see the young child inherit the throne, his snub was to deny the child a royal name. At the time, George IV’s words in frustration were ‘give her the mother’s name’ and she was named Alexandrina Victoria and was known as Princess Victoria for her life. At that time, she was the first person in England to be called Victoria.

Not as traditional as you thought?

Even though the royal baby will be officially known by its first name, it will be likely to earn itself a nickname very early on, like so many royal children. The Queen was and still is known as ‘Lillibet’, Prince William was known as Wills from very early on and of course Prince Henry of Wales is, to everyone, Harry.

As a titled member of the Royal Family, the royal baby will have NO official surname – that’s right. Though when one is ever needed it would be Mountbatten-Windsor, though it’s more likely that Cambridge would be used or perhaps later on, Wales.

The birth of the royal baby has already been confirmed to be being announced through the traditional notice at Buckingham Palace. The notice, which will be produced at the hospital will be transported by police convoy to the Palace where it will be displayed on an easel for all to see. This will only confirm the safe delivery of the baby, what time, and its gender. The names will be decided for definite in between and announced just a few days after via press release.

[box size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full”]As a side note, my prediction for the first name of the royal baby is Prince George for a boy and Princess Mary for a girl.[/box]

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