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Behind the Scenes with True Royalty- Last Party at the Palace

In True Royalty’s series ‘Behind the Scenes with True Royalty,’ the second edition focuses on the show Last Party at the Palace. The video details why Her Majesty The Queen ended debutante balls.

Royal Central announced earlier this month that we had begun a partnership with video-on-demand streaming service, True Royalty. It is best described as the Netflix for all things royal!

‘Behind the Scenes with True Royalty’ brings you commentary from their Editor-in-Chief, Nick Bullen, who is also a BAFTA-winning filmmaker, as he takes you inside the world of the Royal Family.

During this time, readers of Royal Central will be treated to a discount promo when they sign up for True Royalty (click the button near the bottom of the page for the code and a step-by-step guide on how to sign up!). They will also be given the inside track on just some of the many documentaries True Royalty has to offer.

In this preview, Bullen explains Last Party at the Palace and why you should tune in!

“The Queen saw the custom as at odds with her modern vision for Britain. After the last ball in 1958, she abolished the tradition. In many ways the Queen foresaw changing attitudes to love, sex and marriage for it was only a few years later that the sexual revolution changed the younger generation’s outlook on life forever,” explained True Royalty about the episode on their website.

For the second edition focusing on Queen Elizabeth and why she ended debutante balls, watch below:

You can read about the first edition of their series, The Real Princess Margaret here.

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