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Why Are Americans Fascinated By The British Monarchy?

Royal Central has grown in popularity significantly in the past few months. To our original hundred odd views a day last year to tens of thousands of visitors on site daily. Perhaps most interesting about this is that the majority (which is about 37%) are American, with British readership coming in at around 25-33%. This got us thinking. Why do Americans so love the British Monarchy?

It is largely known that America used to be under British control. During King George III’s reign, America fought back after certain taxes were introduced among other things. Since the US won the War of Independence in 1783, they have long held their freedom from external rule and have risen to become one of the world’s superpowers in their own right.

Strangely though, they have formed a rather unique affection for the descendants their former ruling family.

Royal Central decided to get the opinion of some US citizens to understand what it is about the British Monarchy that they find so encapsulating.

Here are some of our favourite responses.

Kim, from Massachusetts said: I have English ancestry, I love history, I have been an Anglophile since I was a little girl. My first plane ride was to London when I was 17, on British Airways. I think the Royal Family does an excellent job under sometimes trying circumstances.

Stephanie, from Pennsylvania said: I have enormous respect for The Queen. Not only is she trained in statecraft, and therefore truly an able ruler, but she remains above the political fray while working tirelessly on behalf of the British peoples. While I am not unhappy with our system of government despite its chaotic behavior at times, it does lack a person or persons whom all can respect regardless of political affiliation. With privilege comes duty, and The Queen is an extraordinary embodiment of that requirement.

William, from New York said: I have studied European History for over 35 years. I like the British Monarchy for its concentration on service and being above party politics. As an American we have very divided politics. When the Head of State belongs to a party you disagree with the political squabbles and the hatred can get intense. I like the fact that the British monarch and the Royal Family are above party politics and represents all of the people in Britain. I also love the continuity with history and that the monarchy links the people to the past and the future. I also enjoy the pomp and pagentry. It helps people to feel a sense of connection to not only the royal family but to one another. It is also a very healthy expression of patriotism. I mentioned service earlier. I want to close with that. The monarchy and the members of the royal family patron many charities and its service to those who help others is a hallmark of their dedication to duty and the well being of its citizens.

photo credit: Defence Images via photopin cc

photo credit: Defence Images via photopin cc

From what we can gather, it’s apparent that the style of politics is envied by some in America. The idea of having a neutral force who is above politics yet having someone who represents the people and also embodies the state at the same time is something that some Americans seem to feel is lacking from US politics.

The pageantry and performance is also another thing that was prominent from our responses. And of course, who could forget the ever-glamorous Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the royals who brought in a whole new generation of royal watchers in an instant, also captured the imagination of the USA in what many dubbed a ‘fairy tale wedding’

So in conclusion, it’s clear that America’s fascination with the British Monarchy seems to stem from a lack of certain characteristics in their own culture. The daily pageantry of the Monarchy, the recognisable and consistent faces and the unique, binding and loyal force that the Crown and the Royal Family have to offer are certainly something we wouldn’t wish to see leave the UK and it seems, neither would our American contemporaries.

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