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Where to go online to follow the Royal Birth in real time

Members of the media have been camping outside of the Lindo Wing for over a week now.

Members of the media have been camping outside of the Lindo Wing for weeks.

As the world waits with bated breath for the arrival of the future monarch, those of us who are active on social media, and are unable to camp out in London, are asking an essential question that will dictate our mental state of being at the moment of birth.

“Who will be on site, on Twitter?” and “Who else should I follow for the latest news coming out from Buckingham Palace?”

These essential questions, if not answered correctly, will leave us in a ball of stress, sobbing uncontrollably in a digital corner, wondering why we are the last to know… everything!

Well, maybe not quite that bad, but knowing who to follow for accurate and timely information is rather important. So, I have some recommendations.

  • @RoyalCentral. Yes, this really doesn’t need to be mentioned, but sometimes the most obvious sources are forgotten in times of stress or high emotion.
  • @RegalEyes. This is the account of world-renowned Royal photographer Mark Stewart. Mark will be on site at the hospital, and has been for days already. His tweets are a combination of up-to-the-minute information, and photos he is taking right then.
  • @RoyalReporter. This account is run by Richard Palmer, Royal correspondent for the Daily Express in London. He is also on site at the hospital.
  • @SkyNewsRoyal. Paul Harrison, with Sky News, is the third person we know will be on site at the hospital.

These four accounts are probably your best bet for information and visuals from the hospital. Other great accounts to follow on Twitter for all things Royal belong to Robert Jobson (@theroyaleditor), Dickie Arbiter (@RoyalDickie), Victoria Arbiter (@victoriaarbiter) and of course the Clarence House (@ClarenceHouse) and The British Monarchy (@BritishMonarchy) accounts.

And, just in case watching your Twitter feed isn’t quite enough, you can watch live video footage from the hospital on The Telegraph’s website.

So take a deep breath. It will all be ok. You’ll know what happens, as it happens, live from the streets of London.

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