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When is Enough, Enough?

When is enough, enough? I have repeated this question to myself over and over again the past couple days as I thought about the seemingly deteriorating health of a member of the British Royal Family. His Royal Highness Prince Philip is a ninety-two year old man who has spent almost two weeks in hospital recovering from abdominal surgery. I don’t know about you, but I only know a few people who have reached the ripe age of ninety-two and telling them to slow down is like telling a fish to stop swimming; it’s simply not going to happen. Each one of these lovely people have a mind of their own. They also seem to possess an immortal-like quality … Prince Philip is no exception.


Because of this immortal like quality, I was shocked to hear that Prince Philip had withdrawn from a reception the night before Her Majesty the Queen’s sixtieth coronation anniversary church service. When is enough, enough?


It wasn’t until the night after that I first learned of Prince Philip’s hospitalization and successful abdominal surgery. Again I was shocked. When is enough, enough?

With the popularity of Their Royal Highnesses the  Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, there is no reason Prince Philip needs to carry out the number of engagements that he is currently managing. All that needs to take place is a successful hand-off to the younger generation of royals. Prince Philip, being the old school, dedicated man that he is, doesn’t see the need to slow down. I believe it will take one of his grandchildren to get through to him and finally convince him to slow down and enjoy life … that enough is truly enough!

Catton Hall National Horse Carriage Driving 2006

I have previously written about the contributions that Prince Philip has made to the survival of the British Monarchy. While I continue to believe this as truth, someone else needs to step up and take on this responsibility. Perhaps His Royal Highness Prince Harry can assume this task. His popularity with all ages and generations could, in all actuality skyrocket the British Monarchy into the future.


  • Raynald

    Retirement is not an option for the Duke of Edinburgh or HM. We are not some ‘bicycling monarchy’ where the King or Queen treats the position as a 9-5 job that one retires from. The Queen and the Duke will ‘die in the saddle’. Queen Elizabeth has a divine calling and both her and her faithful husband and servant will continue up until the end, when God calls them home.

  • Jake Gariepy

    I don’t disagree with you in principle. Prince Philip, and the Queen, have certainly “done enough”. Having said that, there is no compelling reason that they SHOULD slow down if they don’t feel the need or desire. Perhaps it’s for them and them alone to decide when they’ve reached the magic “enough”. One of the things that characterizes healthy, active and extremely elderly people is the actual desire to keep on going. They don’t WANT to slow down. For them, work, activity and involvement is almost a form of relaxation.

    I think it’s time to stop this debate, honestly. I see no indication that other members of the Royal Family are unwilling to take on more responsibility, just that there’s no need at this point. The older generation doesn’t want to be counted out yet and, honestly, why should they be?

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