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What’s Next for the Royal Family?

HRH Prince William at the Controls of a Search and Rescue Seaking HelicopterWith the recent announcement of His Royal Highness Prince William’s retirement from the Royal Air Force, the birth of Prince George of Cambridge, and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh’s seemingly declining health; I pose a rather important question: What is next for the British Royal Family? 

I would expect that Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall will continue their royal duties with ease. They both have such charm and seem to captivate people. I believe that, although once extremely unpopular, their popularity will continue to skyrocket. Although I don’t believe the Queen is willing to slow down, I do see Prince Charles taking over some of the important visits from his mother, Her Majesty the Queen, over the next few years. I believe the Queen is trying to prepare her eldest son for the task of becoming a Monarch, something that she, herself, missed out on.

In the very near future, I envision the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will pick up their royal duties to take some of the pressure off of Her Majesty the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. The new royal parents have even hired a full-time nanny (many believe it is Jessie Webb, Princes William and Harry’s former caretaker), leaving me to believe they are preparing to give more of their time to working, knowing Prince George is well looked after. I also believe that this will continue to boost the popularity of the British Monarchy.

This brings us to Prince Harry. I do not believe he is preparing to step down from his military career and follow in the footsteps of his brother…yet! I believe, like William, he thrives off the normality of the RAF. His career allows him to enjoy life like any other soldier. I believe Harry will continue the tightrope walk of a military man and royal prince like he always has with near perfection. He will assist Her Majesty in any way that he can while working hard to further his RAF career.

But where do the Wessex’s, Princess Anne, and the York’s fit into this equation, you ask? Although Prince Charles has a slimmed vision of the Monarchy, something I don’t believe we’ll ever see, I believe that the Earl and Countess of Wessex and the Princess Royal will continue to perform hundreds of royal engagements every year. Their assistance is invaluable to Her Majesty who is aging and can’t travel as far and as often as she once did. Although the Duke of York and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie do not perform as many engagements as other members of the Royal Family, I believe they are doing as much as the Queen and they choose. They are assisting the Monarchy in ways that others cannot. What other member of the royal family would scale down the Shard for charity? Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie add a flair to the Royal Family that no one else could. They allow royal watchers the opportunity to talk about fashion, engagements (Dave Clark, please propose to Beatrice!), and what their future holds. It’s a nice break from the norm.

Overall, I see a major shift occurring in the British Monarchy as we speak. Prince William, by retiring from the RAF, is accepting responsibility for his future and the future of the British people. I look forward to watching this shift from outside the palace walls. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for every member of this Royal Family!

photo credit: Defence Images via PhotoPin

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