22 May 2013 - 20:57
Unrecognisable Britain

Assistant Editor

Although not strictly royal related I thought it would be quite apt, after the harrowing events in Woolwich today to send our thoughts to the family of the soldier who has so tragically lost his life. We must also send our thoughts to the people of Woolwich who had to witness such inhumane actions.

It is being reported that HM The Queen is deeply saddened by the events of today and who can blame her, when she ascended the throne, the streets of Britain never saw such atrocities and it gets people thinking, what has happened to the Britain of yesteryear and will we ever see that Britain again. If it wasn’t for our consistant and ever reliable monarchy surely Great Britain would be unrecognisable.




  • Raynald

    HM must just shake her head at what has happened to our once great
    country. At the start of her reign, Britain was a white Christian
    country made up of people with a common purpose and common values. Now in 2013, Britain IS unrecognisable.
    Stand outside any mosque in South London on a Friday and you will hear
    Muslims preach for the overthrow of the government and monarchy, to be
    replaced with an Islamic Caliphate.
    Christians throughout Britain must take a stand against the Islamists and take back our country once and for all!!

    Cry for God, Elizabeth and St George!

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