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The Royal W: The Queen’s Visitors’ Book

Although a short piece, someone did email and ask about the Visitors’ Book the other day. Thought it would be nice to share with our readers who did not know about the book.

Since the beginning of Her Majesty’s reign, she has kept a Visitors’ Book that can be signed upon the request to do so.

The book is held at the Police Box outside of Buckingham Palace for security reasons. Her Majesty from time to time does indeed look through the book to see those who have signed it.

The Visitors’ Book is said to have evolved from the earlier practice of calling cards being left during visits.

The book is also considered as a sort of thank you after various functions such as garden parties and other occasions.

Featured photo credit: Wootang01 via photopin cc

  • Richard

    When I signed the book, many years ago, in an age when terrorism was unknown in this country, it was kept IN the palace. I walked across the forecourt and through the Privy Purse Door. The book was kept in a little room on the left, immediately inside the door. At a time when no-one went inside except by invitation, it was very exciting to enter by just those few footsteps!

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