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The Royal W: The Letters Patent

Like the Royal Warrant, The Letters Patent make up one of the forms for which the Royal will is conveyed. The Letters Patent are public documents from Her Majesty, to which the Great Seal of the Realm is attached.

Letters Patent may be used to put in commission numerous powers of the King or Queen. Two examples are: the Opening of Parliament or assenting to bills.

Letters Patent Issued by Queen Victoria 1839.

Letters Patent Issued by Queen Victoria 1839.

Letters Patent also may be used to grant various offices such as Lord Lieutenancies, ecclesiastical ministries and High Court judgeship’s. New peerages are also created by letters patent.
Her Majesty signs a warrant instructing the issue of the Letters Patent which are prepared in the Crown Office in the Lord Chancellors Department.

Each begins with the recitation of The Queen’s titles.

The document will then note the Sovereigns will in various forms depending on the nature of the matter to be executed.

photo credit: Archives New Zealand via photopin cc

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