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The Royal W: Sebastopol Bell

Stumbled upon this short piece of information whilst reading about Windsor Castle.

Taken at the end of the Crimean War, the Sebastopol Bell was one of two bells located in the clock tower of the Church of the Twelve Apostles in Sebastopol, a port town on the Black Sea.
Sebastopol is well-known for of the city (September 1854 to September 1855) which had been the chief naval base for the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

The bells were seen as a Crimean War trophy and were first displayed at the Woolwich Royal Arsenal in 1856.

Queen Victoria was present for the bells arrival at Woolrich. That same year one of the bells was taken to Windsor Castle where it is was on display on the North Terrace of the Castle.

In 1868, it was hung in the Round Tower. In 1901, the bell would toll from the tower for Queen Victoria’s death.

The second bell was located next to the Time Gun at the top of Gun Hill at Aldershot Barracks. In 1879, it was moved to the clock tower of the Army’s newly opened Cambridge Hospital, remaining there until 1961. It is presently located in St Omer Barracks.

The bell at Windsor Castle is overseen by The Lord Chamberlain’s Office. He handles the authority of tolling the bell.

The last time the bell rang, was on Tuesday, 9 April 2002 when the coffin for The Queen Mother arrived at Windsor Castle.

Featured photo credit: babasteve via photopin cc

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