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The Queen and The Duchess of Cornwall share a passion for horses

The Queen visited Brixton Horse Club on Tuesday accompanied by The Duchess of Cornwall, who has been president of the club since 2009.


The Duchess of Cornwall feeds 11-year-old Buddy some mints as the Queen watches. [Pictures: Sky News]

The Queen brightened up the dull morning by wearing a bright pink Stewart Parvin geranium wool crepe coat and a matching hat. She was invited to visit the club by the club’s president, The Duchess of Cornwall, who also shares the Queen’s passion of horses.

The Queen has been breeding thoroughbreds for racing very successfully for many years now. “They aren’t your typical polo ponies, are they? But they have a lot of spirit” she said, an expert in the world of equestrianism. The Duchess is also a keen rider.

We may never know what Her Majesty keeps in her handbag, but we now do know what Camilla keeps in hers: Polo Mints to feed the horses. Speaking to Sky News, young rider Kamina Edmondson-Brown said “She so generously gave Buddy a treat – a polo sweet. She came prepared with a really large bag of them and now, of course, Buddy obviously wants more.”

Ebony Horse Club, established in 1996, gives disadvantaged children the chance to ride horses as well as developing key life skills. One of the founding members said horse riding “has been seen as a sport which only middle class white people can access”. She added that now that horse riding stables are in Brixton, it shows “anyone can do it”.

Photo credit: Sky News screen cap

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