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The Queen And Canadian Post-Nominals

Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of her Diamond JubileeWhat Canadian post-nominals does Queen Elizabeth II have the right to?

Her Majesty has the right to the letters U. E., which stands for unity of the empire.  In 1789, the governor general, Lord Dorchester, decreed that the loyalists from the American revolution who had “adhered to the unity of the empire and joined the royal standard in America, before the treaty of separation in the year 1783 would be entitled to a “Mark of Honour” and could designate themselves “United Empire Loyalists.”

If Queen Elizabeth II is descended from two Loyalists, one on her mother’s side and the other on her father’s, and could designate herself “UE” if she so wished.

From – “Now You Know Royalty” by Doug Lennox 2009

  • Doug Grant UE

    I do know that Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has more than one Loyalist ancestor. That has been genealogically proven and she has been presented with a UE Loyalist certificate to that effect.

    The Queen of course could use the post-nominal UE as a descendant of a UE Loyalist from the American Revolution.

    However, I don’t recall anyone claiming that the Queen does have UE Loyalist ancestry. Given the importance that such a relationship would have to an Association such as the United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada, I have to think that some research has been done. Given its ongoing relevance, I would be most appreciative if someone would note the UE Loyalist relationship.

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