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The Prince and the Politician

Prince of Wales

With recent scandals surrounding the lobbying of politicians, MPs are starting to tread carefully when it comes to meeting businessmen and women, and those from outside the walls of Parliament. But these fears do not apply when meeting the heir to the throne.

It has been reported in the Daily Mail, that The Prince of Wales last week held a meeting with UK Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt. But lots of people get to meet the Prince, I hear you say. Yes, indeed they do, however, very few people get a private audience at Clarence House, to discuss government policy!

Prince Charles has been criticised on many occasions for meddling in government affairs, with the High Court recently blocking a Freedom of Information request, from The Guardian newspaper, to publish private letters from His Royal Highness to senior government ministers. But it would appear that these high profile cases haven’t discouraged the Prince from taking an interest in, and supporting causes he believes in. A well placed source told the Daily Mail that the issue of homeopathic remedies was on the agenda at the audience.

Both the Prince and Mr Hunt are strong supporters of such remedies and Prince Charles is said to be concerned about the halting of plans, by the British government, to create an official register for homeopathic practitioners. Such a register would act to regulate the industry more easily, so encouraging the use of these remedies.

Whilst there is support for the use of homeopathic methods from the Health Secretary and the heir to the throne, their use has been criticised by the British Medical Association, and the House of Commons ‘Science and Technology committee’. Both the BMA and the committee feel that the NHS already spends too much on these remedies, and funding should be reduced.

Lots of people have, however, come out in support of The Prince of Wales’ encouragement of the homeopathic industries, with many feeling it is vital for such a high profile figure to champion such remedies. Over the last few months, His Royal Highness has travelled the length and breadth of Britain meeting those individuals working in industry and manufacturing. Only in January, Prince Charles visited Liverpool and Staffordshire in support of British industry. Many feel that this latest meeting with the Health Secretary is just another way that His Royal Highness is continuing his interest in and support of the many sectors that are a part of the British economy.

Clarence House told the Daily Mail that Prince Charles “meets government ministers from time to time in his role as heir to the throne, as well as a Privy Counsellor”.

Photo credit: University Hospitals Birmingham via photopin cc

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