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The A-Z of the Monarchy: H-N


Windsor Castle

After learning some interesting information about the monarchy in the first part of this series (A-G), it’s now time to take a look at what wonderful facts we can discover from letters H-N…

Horological Conservator – Are you always late? The palace employs two full-time horological conservators to wind and take care of the over 350 clocks and watches for the Royal Family. Bet they never have an excuse to be tardy!

Imprisonment – Windsor Castle’s dungeons have seen their fair share of excitement. The prison has seen captives such as King John II of France (1346), Earl of March (1413) and King Charles I (1646), just to name a few!

Jackaroo – If you are like me, the word Jackaroo makes me think of a baby kangaroo. However, it is an Australian term for a young man working on a cattle or sheep ranch to gain the knowledge to one day run it. Who might this “young man” be? It is none other than Prince Harry. During his gap year in 2003, the Prince took to the Queensland outback to learn about farming and agriculture.

King Charles Spaniels – King Charles II was known to have these dogs follow him around at all times and so, coincidentally, they were named after him. He wasn’t the only king to favour them – King Henry VIII declared that only King Charles Spaniels (though they were not known by this name in the 16th century) were allowed to run loose in Royal parks.

Language of Flowers – Prince William and Catherine’s 2011 nuptials will be a moment in history we will all remember from the maples and hornbeam trees lining the aisle, to their first kiss. ‘Language of Flowers’ was the theme behind their wedding and their cake. Designed by Fiona Cairns, the masterpiece cake was covered with 900 handcrafted sugar and paste flowers. Kate’s bouquet also followed this theme, which was a code made popular by Queen Victoria. It consisted almost primarily of seasonal lily of the valley. Simple and sweet!

Millions – Upon the tragic news of Diana, Princess of Wales’ death, over one million bouquets of flowers were left outside Kensington Palace, and over three million people lined the streets outside Westminster Abbey on the day of her funeral to pay tribute to “the people’s princess”.

Nicknames – It seems that the Royal Family do love a good nickname. Diana nicknamed Prince Willian ‘DDG’ (short for Drop Dead Gorgeous) and in the Army Prince Harry goes by ‘Big H’. Her Majesty is better known as ‘Lilibet’ to her family, or ‘Supergran’ when Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie refer to her.


Photo credit: mharrsch via photopin cc

Featured photo credit: Beacon Radio via photopin cc

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