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The A-Z of the Monarchy: A-G

Who doesn’t love fun facts? We are going to break the Monarchy down from A-Z with an interesting tidbit for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet. By the time you are finished, you will be full of facts to share and impress your family!

Ascot – Queen Anne founded Royal Ascot in 1711. Queen Elizabeth has had 22 winners so far, and in 2013 her horse, Estimate, won the Gold Cup which was presented to her by Prince Andrew. This was the first time a reigning Monarch’s horse had won!


Buckingham Palace Guide Company – The name of Princess Elizabeth and Margaret’s Girl Guide Troop. Besides themselves, it included children of the palace staff.

Coronation – Queen Elizabeth’s coronation is an event to remember. It took 16 months of preparation, resulting in Westminster Abbey being decorated in 1740 yards of gold rope, tassels and embroidered cloth. The coronation robe took over 2,500 hours to embodied and weighed more than 20 pounds. The St. Edward’s Crown weighs five pounds, but Queen Elizabeth changed into the lighter Imperial State Crown after. It consists of 2,868 diamonds, 269 pearls, 17 sapphires, eleven emeralds and five rubies!

Diamond Jubilee – On 6th February 2012 Queen Elizabeth became the second British Monarch to celebrate this 60 year milestone – Queen Victoria currently holds the title of longest reigning monarch after reigning for 63 years and 216 days.

Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee celebrations

Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations

Edwin Lutyens – It took Sir Edwin Lutyens three years complete Queen Mary’s  doll house, a 1:12 replica of an aristocratic home. Made as a ‘thank you’ for Queen Mary for her support in the First World War, it includes 200 miniature books from real authors, electricity, running water, flushing toilets and my personal favourite – a cellar with champagne! Over 1,500 artists all contributed to this work of art.

Fly-fishing – A passion of the Queen Mother, she was even Patron of the Salmon and Trout Association. She shared her enthusiasm with her grandson, Prince Charles, whom now fills her position as Patron of the Association.

Garden parties – Each year The Queen continues a tradition started in the 1860s of hosting garden parties. 10,000 invitations are sent out for at least three parties per year. If you are a non-British UK resident, try approaching your country’s embassy or High Commission in London for one of the invitations assigned to your country. It takes around 400 staff to serve about 20,000 sandwiches, 27,000 cups of tea, 6000 scones, 20,000 pieces of cake, 5,500 fruit tarts, 2,500 eclairs, 10,000 glasses of iced coffee, and 20,000 glasses of fruit squash! You can count me in!

photo credits: Defence Images and Charles Fred via photopin cc

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